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Louisburgh Foróige - 2020 community time capsule.

The young people of Louisburgh Foróige want in some small way to preserve and document what is happening right now in everyone's daily lives during 2020 and put all that information into a time capsule that will be buried locally in January 2021

Everyone will have their own separate capsule, these capsules will be cylinder in shape 300mm (one foot) long by 100mm (four inches) diameter and the content of each capsule is completely private, in 2031 only you (or your next of kin, should the worst happen) will have access to your capsule.






Q: Is this one big community box/capsule that everyone puts their stuff into collectively?

A: No, every individual, every family, every business or every group will have their own individual capsule. The content of each capsule is completely separate from each other. All capsules are cylinder in shape, 300mm long by 100mm wide (one foot long by four inches across in old money)


Q: Why should I do this?

A: We think you should. 2020 will go down in history as one of the strangest years (to date) and our young members want to capture what is happening now. You would be supporting the young people of Louisburgh Foróige while also preserving history.


Q: Can everyone get involved?

A: We really hope and want everyone, of all ages, from within the Kilgeever Parish will get involved in this. As well as individuals we also want families, businesses and community groups to get involved in this. A group capsule could be a family, your business or your current committee, what you have done as a family or group in the community over 2020 and what you hope to have achieved in the next 10-20 years.


Q: Where do I get a capsule?

A: No rush on this bit as yet. Just keep the size and shape in mind for now, cylinder in shape, 300mm long, 100mm across. Capsules are constructed from PVC piping cut to 300mm in length and capped at both ends. Pipe and secured/sealed ends are widely available form every plumbing and almost all good hardware stores. We will assist in the purchase and construction of these capsules later in the year.


Q: What should I put into this capsule?

A: This is entirely up to yourself, photos, letters to your future self, where do you see yourself in 10-20 years time, who is your friends now, we strongly recommend the use of a USB flash drive, this can store 1,000's of documents and images. Other items include.


Photos of your family

Video interviews with your family and friends is strongly recommended.

Video (vlogs) interviews with your self. How are you feeling now, make them daily, weekly ect.

A list of your favorite local spots 

A list of prices of things like petrol, milk, college, your favorite food etc

A local + a national newspaper from your birthday or other life event.

A piece of technology that will soon be dated – like a remote control, cell phone or garage door opener. 

A family time capsule questionnaire – ie, ask everyone in the family what they think the future will be like in 10 years.


The possibilities are endless, what you put in is entirely up to yourself. You have 6 months to put this all together.


Q: Where will the capsules be buried?

A: Within the Kilgeever parish area but the exact location is yet to be decided.


Q: Who gets to open or view the content of each capsule before it's buried and indeed after it's exhumed?

A: The content of the capsule is 100% completely private, only the person, family or group that assemble the content of the capsule will be the person, family or group that see's its content when it is reopened. For individuals, should the worst happen, your next of kin will be given your personal capsule and it's up to them to decide what happens with it.


Q: When will the capsule's be buried and re-opened?

A: We will burry the capsules locally in January 2021 and they won't be reopened until 2031, ten years later. At that point you can choose to open it or leave it sealed and rebury it for a further ten years up to 2041.


Q: Why just ten years, ten years isn't very long?

A: If we told you last February that all churches, 95% of Irish businesses and all of the schools would be closed before St. Patricks day and remained closed for a further three months would you have believed us? Anything can happen in a short space of time so over ten years, lots can happen, however, the main reason for the ten years is this idea is run by teenagers and trust us, ten years is quite a long time in their eyes, we have added in the option to rebury the capsule for an extra years so penitentially your capsule could be in the ground until 2041.


Q: What happens if there is no Foróige group in Louisburgh in ten or twenty years time, who takes charge of caring for the capsules?

A: A great question, for the record, Foróige is operating in Louisburgh since 1962 and we hope the great work being done by us will continue long into the future.


In January 2021 a list of caretakers will be appointed from local community groups and should Louisburgh Foróige no longer be in existence then the responsibility will fall to a number of other long standing members of the community collectivity.


Q: My question isn't answered above?

A: Please visit our contact us page and we would be delighted to assist you further.





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